About Tapas Amador

Eating, Playing and Living Well (Into the Years)… One Couples Journey and Inspiration Into 55+ Life.

Valery and Raul... Online and in Love Since 1996
Valery and Raul… Online and in Love Since 1996

What happens when two people fall in love with each other, as well as food and travel?  Find out how we balance it all through ‘small, tapas-style eating’ (and activity) so we can stay healthy and live ‘well’ into the years!

Get to know us…

As you already know, we love food and travel (as well as each other, but that’s a given)…

But there’s more…

  • We met online before online dating, hence why we say, “Online and in Love Since 1996”
  • We have an online publishing company, viethrive.com
  • We adore spontaneous celebrations with friends & family
  • We dig theatre, music and the arts
  • We enjoy cooking classes and playing with kitchen gadgets
  • We practice Tai Chi
  • We believe in better living through technology
    (Yep, Apple nerds since 1994)

Want to know more about the Tapas Amador Lifestyle? Basically there are 5 principles:

  • Food
    Quality over quantity when it comes to food… we seek out recipes and dining adventures that tickle our palate! (And yes, this includes any kind of food or dessert… served in moderation of course!)
  • Sharing
    Sharing food served on whimsical small plates daily, rather than it just being a special occasion or traditional tapas fare, thus providing portion control. 
  • Travel
    Experiencing the sites, sounds, foods and cultures of this extraordinary planet we call home.
  • Living Well
    Enjoying daily rituals that feed the mind, body and spirit.
  • Relationships
    And most importantly finding time to share moments with each other as well as family and friends to dish, dream, laugh (and cry when necessary) and generally celebrate the day-to-day joys of living.

How the Tapas Amador name came to be:

When deciding to create a site about Food, Travel and Living Well (Into the Years), we looked no further than our last name for inspiration… Amador comes from the Spanish word, “Amor,” meaning “Lover,” and so literally the name of this site translates to Tapas Lover, which we are!

History of Tapas:

Tapas come from the Spanish word “Tapar,” meaning, “To cover.

Having its’ roots in Spain and now loved around the world, tapas are appetizers, served hot or cold, and generally shared among friends in a social atmosphere.

Historically, tapas humble beginning comes from a purely utilitarian function, that being a thin slice of bread served atop a sherry glass to keep the fruit flies away!

Eventually, savory morsels made their way onto the bread, and the tapas we know and love were born! (Which Raul pointed out that he was not sure that flies on savory morsels were better than flies in the sherry… good point!)

Well, that’s about it for now… we hope you enjoy our adventures and will be inspired to embrace the Tapas Amador Philosophy for yourself!

Have Something to Share?

And if you have any suggestions on food, kitchen gadgets, wellness tips, books, restaurants, wines, recipes, theatre, music, or travel experiences to share or have us try, PLEASE drop us a line and let us know… we look forward to connecting with you and other Tapas lifestyle lovers.

Keep thriving…

Valery and Raul Amador
Online and in Love Since 1996