Valery Amador


I am a ‘logical+creative’ who publishes virtual magazines and digs traveling, tapas, technology, theatre, cooking, reading, writing, (not so much arithmetic), smart sit-coms and spontaneous celebrations.

I have an extensive background in travel & event planning, having managed group functions for 1000’s, which involved negotiating contracts, chartering aircrafts, booking entire hotels as well as planning epic meal functions and non-stop entertainment (Whew… definitely was much younger when I did this!)

I also have a BFA in Acting & Directing from Montclair University in NJ, and have acted as well as directed & taught, 1000’s of children & adults (Yeah… definitely was much younger when I did this as well – LOL!)

Now I spend my time with the magazines/blogs connecting online with 1000’s of friends (and occasionally millions when things go viral).

Best Know For… my email signature, “Keep Thriving,” to the point that when I meet people at events that I have only communicated with online, they run up to me and say, “Keep thriving!!!” (Like it’s my name… I LOVE that!)

Personal Philosophy… I believe with all my heart that what we do and say does have an effect on everything… so please, let’s all try to behave and use our words wisely!

I am married to the love of my life, Raul Amador… and together we live happily ever after in the Great NW.