TRX Training Began with a Conversation Like This

TRX-Training-Began-with-a-Conversation-Something-Like-ThisA few notes before I begin this post on TRX training:

Those that know me well have heard that I did kiss the Blarney Stone, twice, on two-separate occasions, and therefor have a proclivity for storytelling… and a bit of embellishment… but that is to be expected from a 2-time BS kisser… so just know this about me going in.

Setting the stage, this post begins with a conversation between one of my all-time favorite people, my ‘besty’ Diana Howes, and myself.

Diana: Want to work out with me tomorrow? I have a personal training session and am suppose to bring somebody.

Valery: Hmmm, what are we going to be doing?

Diana: We are working with ‘bands’.

Valery: In my head I think, “Bands, how hard could that be? I’ve done that in the past… slip the little green band over your feet and lift a leg… I can do that.” My response to her… “Sure, what time?”

Diana: “9:00am.”

Valery: 9:00 flippin’ AM?!?! Diana seemed to forget that I am NOT a morning person… cranky in the AM… blissfully happy as the day progresses. But up and ready by 9:00am to workout??? I wanted to say something to remind her of these facts, but instead my mouth opened and I found myself saying, “Okay.” (Dang my SHEdevil!)

Not expecting much… let me clarify, not expecting much from myself, I ventured off in the car the next morning to meet our trainer.

As I drove off northbound into the Couv countryside (Couv is short for Vancouver, WA – NOT Vancouver, Canada… although it is a lovely place) I spotted something massive with big horns on the side of the road… I think it was a bull, but could have been a cow… or mythological beast for that matter; being born and raised in NJ, anything resembling ‘country-life’ still has me in awe… and let me clarify once and for all, everyone born and raised in NJ does not hang out with Snookie and the cast of Jersey Shore… we all do not talk with a Jersey accent, or wear our hair in a perpetual poof, etc.… but I digress… back to ‘bands’ training day.

Finding the location, after passing it and turning around, I stepped from the car to breathe in the fresh country air, which smelled of a sweet grass; the kind not growing in my front, or backyard for that matter. It is the kind of country air that fills every inch of your lungs; from the start, I sensed that today was going to be different, and let my mood shift from ‘Not a morning person’ to ‘This is not SO bad morning person.’

Diana arrived in a chipper mood with her optimistic general demeanor, ready to tackle our latest adventure. She introduced me to Racchel Ann, our trainer; a VERY cool woman who has accomplished more in her life then an entire village (Artist, interior decorator, furniture wizard/re-designer/re-purposer, martial arts instructor, pilot and personal trainer); I’m pretty much in awe of her.

Racchel Ann leads us to her training center, which consists of 2 straps hanging from the ceiling… I want to pull Diana aside and ask, “Bands? This is your idea of bands? This looks more like a Cirque du Soleil training facility! Dang you SHEdevil” But not wanting to seem like a wuss, I go with the flow.

Racchel Ann asks if I have heard of TRX, or maybe seen some of the TRX training videos on the Internet. I say no… in retrospect, had I seen a video, I would NOT have been standing there that very morning, and would have missed the opportunity to see the mythological beast with the horns; so better not to have Googled’ it.

For those that are not in the know, (clueless like me), TRX was designed by a Navy Seal… as in THE Navy Seals.

Why am I so fearful? 

1) I don’t like to exercise (SHEdevil reminds me this is something we do not do)

2) I am afraid I will break, strain or pull something; maybe all three simultaneously (SHEdevil reminds me that I have done this in the past… multiple times)

3) The last exercise I had dallied with was Zumba, which I reluctantly joined from the last row of the class. (SHEdevil reminds me how uncoordinated I am and questions my sense of rhythm)

4) And finally, Navy Seals are a bit, how to say, badass scary, but in a good way… for them… not for me. (SHEdevil reminds me of movies we have seen with Navy Seals)

My brain was not prepared for TRX, and I was not convinced my body would get on board any time soon. And SHEdevil had made her opinion abundantly clear.

Did I go through with TRX training? Did SHEdevil have the final say that day? Stay tuned to find out!