El Farol: Tapas and Spanish Cuisine by James Campbell Caruso

El-Farol-Tapas-and-Spanish-CuisineEl Farol: Tapas and Spanish Cuisine by James Campbell Caruso… At the El Farol restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a collection of delectable ingredients-smoked paprika, saffron, spicy chipotle chiles and piquillo peppers, capers and caperberries, and a variety of Spanish cheeses-gather for a celebration of Spanish flavor. Best known for their creative tapas menu, El Farol revolutionized dining in Santa Fe and New Mexico with such tapas as Pollo Curry, a simple cold chicken salad that is too good to ever remove from the menu; and Gambas al Ajillo, sautéed garlic shrimp with lime and madiera. Executive Chef James Campbell Caruso presents award-winning traditional and contemporary Spanish cuisine in a colorful medley of recipes from his menu, including soups and stews, hot and cold tapas, 14 main courses, desserts, and an exclusive section on wine. Featuring over 120 recipes, El Farol: Traditional and Contemporary Spanish Tapas and Cuisine blends the rich and diverse cultural traditions of New Mexico with bold and interesting flavors. This unique collection presents Mediterranean and Spanish cooking influenced by a variety of lively Latin American dishes. The tapas menu is “ever-changing, bold, and energetic,” according to the Dallas Morning News. The New York Times calls El Farol’s food “bold and eclectic.” The chef’s Lobster-Chorizo Canneloni was voted “Best Appetizer” in the 2000 Taste of Santa Fe.

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